The 7 Steps of Data Analysis


3d_book_600The 7 Steps of Data Analysis:
A Manual for Conducting a Quantitative Research Study

By William M. Bannon, Jr., PhD

The primary purpose of this book is to empower the user to conduct a legitimate and effective data analysis project (a quantitative research study) from the point of conceiving of a research question, through statistical analysis, and to the completion of the project in a professionally formatted manuscript that presents the study results.

“The definitive text on applied data analysis”- Lori Bruno, MPH
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The book is a perfect addendum to The Steps of Data Analysis class.


The primary purpose of this book is to empower the user to conduct a legitimate and effective data analysis project (a quantitative research study) from the point of conceiving of a research question, through statistical analysis, and to the completion of the project, in a professionally formatted (APA, AMA) manuscript that presents the study results.

In short, this book is written to enable the reader, who may be a complete stranger to research and statistics, to effectively conduct, read, understand, and intelligently evaluate research studies that employ data analysis methods. The topics covered include:

– How to Conduct a Quantitative Study with a Continuous Dependent Variable

– How to Conduct a Quantitative Study with a Categorical Dependent Variable

– Data Entry, Coding, Cleaning, and Recording

– Statistical Power, Test Assumptions, Missing Data, Measurement Tool Assessment

– Univariate Analysis, Bivariate Analysis and Multivariate Analysis

– Write-Up & Report in a Manuscript

– How to Assess Published Quantitative Research Articles and Reports

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Customer Comments:

Easy to read with logical examples; a nice additional resource to a research methods course.

It is a good and practical resource to have to be able to access information time and again. Thank you.

Although I have not read this textbook cover to cover, I am referring to it as I proceed through my data analysis. It is a helpful resource to say the least!

Hi Bill I’m enjoying the book tremendously.

This is a great idea for a text and I like the organization.

I did not use this book yet. My research was a qualitative study.

I did not finish reading the book yet. In my brief review of the entire textbook I found it to be clear, well-written and engaging. I really enjoyed the analogies in the introduction. I think students would find it helpful.

This was a great guide do develop and execute a study. I used it in my PhD program and will likely use it for our MS and DNP program.

Provide slides sets and videos about the materials.

I am a doctoral student who often struggles with statistics. To that end I am always on the hunt for the perfect stats book. I am very pleased with the book and hope it helps me with my comp exams.

I am an educator but do not currently teach research or statistics. I would recommend the book if I did.

This book is a wonderful guide for students conducting data analyses.

As advertised, this is a great text for bringing together concepts taught in many courses. I am an ABD doctoral student with coursework strung out over the years. The book was perfect for me and I can see making it available for students who may not yet have a solid grasp.

Excellent resource for Doctorate Nursing Practice Students. I intend to use in my scholarly project course, but would like to see this adopted in our doctorate data analysis course.

Concrete examples and analogies are excellent and bring the text to life. Simple language used to explain complex concepts enhances the usefulness of the text.

Since I’m unsure if I will be using the book in the classroom, I could not answer any of those questions. However, I will say that I find the book to be an EXCELLENT tool for use in statistical analysis and I used it in my dissertation – it was VERY helpful! Awesome book!

This is a down to earth understanding for students.

Easy to read and understand.

Book is very thorough and is very organized. I would choose this book over other data analysis books. One of the best ones I have seen.

Please make it access free!

Thank you for taking the time to write this excellent reference – Extremely helpful/useful.

I really like it. The content focuses on practical aspect of stats and not too much on the manual calculation details.

Excellent … Hope to get it adapted by a research class.

I immediately lent it to a colleague who is putting together a new course for our PhD program. I haven’t been able to get it back yet but am looking forward to seeing it!!

I think the book is excellent and user-friendly. I also appreciate the webinars that you provide to supplement what is in the book.

This book is the best thing ever!!!

Editorial Review (Excerpt)

Rarely can I say I have used the words “excited” and “text book” together, but the introduction alone of William Bannon, Jr.’s The 7 Steps of Data Analysis, elicits just such a response. His clear, measured, and “digestible” (cake pun intended) way of writing is undoubtedly designed to do just what he says: “make data analysis more understandable, meaningful, and enjoyable.” His approach to the text displays the intersection of his skill and knowledge as both social worker and statistician.

There is empathy in his writing; an empathy that has allowed his use of multiple examples, figures, tables, and familiar processes (i.e. making a cake) to minimize the anxiety and confusion that often serve as barriers to learning statistics. Instead, his measured and illustrative writing style leaves one feeling “I can do this!” It is also clear that there is passion/love behind what he does, that he truly desires for us to “get it”. Because by doing so, we can finally and confidently approach answering that rolling question of who, indeed, is the boss.  (the full review is  available upon request)

Tameca N. Harris-Jackson, PhD, LICS, Assistant Lecturer – Social Work, Texas A & M University-  Central Texas

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