Live Presentations

StatsWhisperer, Inc., by way of William M. Bannon, Jr. PhD, makes frequent live presentations (keynote, as well as workshops) to assist students and faculty in meeting the specific education and career development needs they currently face. The topics addressed often relate to advising instructors on how to best teach statistical research methods to their students, as well as making direct presentations on how to perform statistical research to students and faculty.

These presentations are always customized to meet the school, agency, or organization’s specific needs. Subsequently, please feel free to contact us at ( to tell us about your goal for having Dr. Bannon speak at your institution, as well as check on his availability to speak. Our current featured lecture is:

The 7 Step of Data Analysis “Advantage” Seminar

This is a one day lecture is delivered by Dr. Bannon. The seminar illustrates how colleagues, staff, and students may employ The 7 Steps of Data Analysis model to structure and perform an effective quantitative research study from point of conceiving of a research question, through data analysis, and finishing with the writing-up and reporting the study results.