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Tell Me About The Teaching Support Manual & Videos

The teaching support manual and videos are aids to instructors teaching statistical research methods over the course of a full semester. These materials are primarily structured to help instructors present the essential information needed to teach students how to conduct a full quantitative analysis research study. Other important skills such as drafting a research proposal, a powerpoint presentation based upon one’s research, and a research report/manuscript are also offered as objectives in these materials.

Briefly, the support manual and videos are designed to help maximize student learning, while also suggesting a class structure that will facilitate the most positive and satisfying teaching experience possible for the instructor.

The Support Manual

The support manual presents the course syllabus for the semester (specifying weekly reading assignments, quizzes, as well as the midterm and final assignment), as well as details regarding how each task and weekly lesson relates to student learning objectives. An abbreviated overview of the syllabus can be viewed in our current newsletter issue: The Ideal Statistics Class Syllabus.

The Support Videos

There are 14 videos within this program. Each video presents the subject matter and learning for each week of the semester. The videos are appropriate for both students and professors to view. Specifically, professors may presents these videos directly to their students as an addendum to their class on a weekly basis. Alternately, instructors may also elect to view the videos on their own, as a means of contributing to their lesson plans.

The Central Textbook

The central textbook suggested for use and listed in the class syllabus is the text The 7 Steps of Data Analysis: A Manual for Conducting a Quantitative Analysis Study. This text is ideally suited for use, as the book is written to instruct readers on how to structure and conduct an effective and legitimate quantitative analysis research study.

A complimentary copy of The 7 Steps of Data Analysis textbook (Regularly:  $122.00) will be supplied to registrants (the single instructor registering for the course) of this program by request, if registration is secured during the spring 2016 semester.

Pilot Testing

The materials presented in the support manual and videos have largely been pilot tested in our abbreviated version of this program entitled The Steps of Data Analysis 6 week webinar. Specifically, input from the attendees of this program indicated that 95% found this course extremely/very useful and 100% reported they would recommend this course to others. Comments also reflected that these materials were instrumental in assisting attendees successfully complete an original quantitative analysis research study (see all ratings and comments at the link above within this paragraph).

Subsequently, the support manual and videos have been created for instructors teaching semester long courses incorporating statistical research who desire to produce similar outcomes for their students.

Program Structure

The syllabus (for an example see: The Ideal Statistics Class Syllabussuggests a course structure similar to the materials presented in The Steps of Data Analysis webinar, where a sample study is presented to help students apply the learning to their own quantitative analysis research projects. In this regard, this program is ideal for classroom teaching as the instructor may opt to assign a quantitative analysis research project (class or individual) to be completed over the semester that may serve as the vehicle for students learning and grading.  The syllabus within the manual suggests that grading will consist of 6 quizzes given during the semester to test student knowledge and retention, a class midterm (which is a a research proposal based upon the group or student’s project), and a final (a research report/manuscript based upon the proposed statistical analysis plan in the student’s proposal).

Special Offer: 1 Hour Personal Consultation

Registration purchased during the spring 2016 semester will also include a free 1 hour personal consultation with Dr. Bannon. This consultation may concern any topic desired by the registrant from implementing the support manual and videos to personal quantitative analysis research projects. The 1 hour consultation is regularly a $250 value (approximately the cost of a one year registration for the support manual and videos).

A confirmation email will be sent to you after your registration.

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