Archived Free Statistical Webinars

About the Course

At StasWhisperer, we conceptualize data analysis as a series of seven steps. Therefore, we have archived our free webinars into areas that inform each step. There is not a sufficient number of webinars to completely inform each step. However, as future free webinars are archived, more information will be available. 

For a fuller presentation of these steps see our textbook The 7 Steps of Data Analysis: A Manual for Conducting a Quantitative Study (Bannon, 2013). For a more interactive and guided instruction you may consider our 6-week webinar class The 7 Steps of Data Analysis.   

Archived Free Statistical Webinars

Step 1: The Study Map

Step 2:  Data Entry

Step 3: Checks of Data Integrity

Survey Scale Reliability: Internal Consistency and the Cronbach’s Alpha

Step 4: Univariate Analysis

Step 5: Bivariate Analysis

Non-Parametric Bivariate Tests

How to Conduct Bivariate Analysis: The Bivariate Test Key

Step 6: Multivariate Analysis

Step 7: Write-Up & Report

How to Assess a Published Peer-Reviewed Statistical Research Study

Other Statistical Topics:

Making Statistical Output Readable: StatWhisperer’s 20/80 Percent Rule


William M. Bannon, Jr., PhD